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Funding its Construction
To continue our fundraising begun last fall, we will begin later this year to fundraise the first classroom and office.

See the above video to hear the villagers talk with Pathé and I. The picture below is an example in the middle of construction.

Successful Fundraisers

all unused donations saved for buy-a-brick fundrasier

Research Trip, March 2017

A building needs a stable foundation... so I had two options: raise money to hire a local engineer, or I could go myself and do twice as much. My flight tickets were already donated, vaccinations and other medical expenses were unecessary due to my previous experience living in Senegal.  All funds not spent after this research trip whent towards the school construction.

Predicted Expenses:
-AirBNB Night in Dakar: $23
-AirBNB 4 Nights in Saint Louis: $17 x 4 + fees: $76
-Round trip Dakar to Saint-Louis: ~$100
-Transport within Saint-Louis: ~$30
-Food & clean water ~$100
-Malaria pills and antibiotics: ~$50
-Tools for Soil Testing & Analysis: $50
-Work Permit & Building regulation fees: ~$50
-Incidentals: ~$100
TOTAL: $579

-Tested soil at property for drainage, strength and ground settlement
-Met local hardware stores to measure weights and dimensions
-Met members of the community, families, and children who intend to use school
-Met local government concerning work permits, boundary locations, and building regulations
Dakar-St Louis 10000 16.47
Inn-Amina 500 0.82
Amina-Pathe 500 0.82
Pathe-Inn 500 0.82
Inn-Site 1500 2.47
Site-Campus 100 0.16
Campus-Inn 100 0.16
School-Downtown 500 0.82
Room-Beach 100 0.16
Beach-Room 100 0.16
St Louis-Dakar 10000 16.47
TOTAL 23900  $     39.35

The same was done with food, meals and fresh water. These purchases are chronological, with the days of week italicized.

Dinner 2800 4.61
Potable Water (20 gal) 1500 2.47
Bag of Oranges 100 0.16
Breakfast 800 1.32
Lunch 3200 5.27
Dinner 3200 5.27
Breakfast 800 1.32
Lunch 2500 4.12
Bananas 100 0.16
Dinner 3500 5.76
Breakfast 1300 2.14
Potable Water (20 gal) 1500 2.47
Lunch 2500 4.12
Dinner 3200 5.27
Breakfast 1500 2.47
Lunch 3200 5.27
TOTAL 31700  $     52.19

Dakar (1 night)  $     23.00
St Louis (4 nights)  $     76.00
TOTAL  $     99.00

Sum All Foreign Transaction Fees  $        2.11 


GoFundMe Donations  $   230.00 (GoFundMe takes less than 10% for operational costs)
Actual amount donated:  $   210.33

$ 210.33 - $ 192.66 = $ 17.67

Amount Saved = Amount raised for future kindergarten = $ 17.67

Douglas's Soccer balls

GoFundMe Description:
Hi there, my name is Douglas Stephenson, and I'm currently a student studying Sport Management at Washington State University. I chose to major in Sport Management so that I could one day coach soccer while also helping those less privileged get their chance to play soccer and perhaps play professionally. This page was created in the hopes of receiving funds for buying and donating soccer equipment to a kindergarten being designed by engineering students here at WSU, and an organization called Projects Abroad which I have volunteered for in the past. With the funds, I plan to buy 10 soccer balls and 10 pairs of cleats in Senegal donating them to the school and the Projects Abroad soccer program which helps to develop the players under the organizations care. With  any funds that are left over, they will be donated to the FFS kindergarten for ASPE [EDIT: now ACS].

Amount Raised: $340
  • 100% of funds spent
  • Over $500 spent
  • Additional necessary funds donated by Douglas
​A team was developed but did not have any sports equipment. There were no balls, nor uniforms. Douglas toured around the city with Pathé and the coach daily to find the best deals for quality equipment. The last day, the team surprised us with a celebratory soccer match, as shown in the pictures...

...Thank you all for your donations. These young men will have a great experience in this community-oriented sports opportunity.

Thank you!

You made this happen!